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Abellezza is committed to ensuring that innovative food and dietary supplements are an important way to help people with health problems and those who want to improve their health without relying on antibiotics or surgery.

was founded on June 4, 2013 by a new generation of executives with unique ideas. Instead of doing tediously traditional business, they try to break new ground by combining two innovations of the era: the leading research-based dietary supplement and cosmetic company in the world and a new business plan that generates fast revenue without limits. It can be passed sustainably on to successive generations.

was created as a distributor of health care products and created impeccable beauty for consumers. We have selected quality products from all over the world to be included in one organization. And add outstanding value to by copyrights of the identity of the product under "Exclusive Distributor by Abellezza". Therefore, products under the brand "BY Abellezza " is complete in every dimension, including innovative research of the era, experimental efficiency and effectiveness by experts, in manufacturing standards, export standards and the concept of identity.

policy is to reach the consumer base in every level including salespersons, marketers, as well as customers, in order to lay out guidelines and systems to effectively meet the needs of each and individual group base. Without the joints of the business wheel and consumer goods, the production and distribution cycles are seamlessly integrated.

operating system uses technology to assist in the management of various tasks. Every customer can check their personal information, their organization chart and their income. The company also has its own revenue calculations through its online database. The information management within the organization is easy, saving the staffs in management systems, so public relations and communication operated by the company are effectively and timely.

And this is the new frontier of business. "Abellezza, the beauty you deserve”. We will create healthcare and beauty products greater than eternity.

  Lt. Col. Rasadakorn Yingyong
President of Abellezza Co., Ltd.
(Former Official positions)

8th Metropolitan Police Commander
9th Metropolitan Police Commander
Deputy Commissioner of Office of Police Forensic Science
Highly Qualified Police Officer of Royal Thai Police Headquarters

Bachelor of Public Administration, Royal Police Cadet Academy
Master of Public Administration, NIDA
Master of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Master of Arts, English for Careers, Thammasat University
Doctor of Public Administration, Ramkhamhaeng university

Kanassawan Suwanwatcharachat
Vice-president of Abellezza Co., Ltd.

Education : Bachelor of Arts, French Major
Master of Arts, English (International Program), Silpakorn University

Current work
  • CEO of Nixxie Intelligent Company Limited
  • CEO of K-Bit Integrate System Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing Consultant, T-Beat Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing Consultant, Pranai Design and Construction Co., Ltd.
  • ASST MD in International Management Division, TAI Group International Security Co., Ltd.
  • Secretary to General Lt. Dr. Pornlert Worasiha, the Commission for the Administration and the Law Enforcement of the Office of the Prime Minister
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